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on the trails again


Breeding Sarna X B'AL Du fur RDV

August 42014

Sarna Pas de Cheville  (Glacier of Jedeye X Jedeye Athena of Manitou ) has been bred by B'Al Pacino du Fur Rendez Vous.

Both parents are HD 0/0 and Eyes clear,

recommanded 1st choice by the breeding club.

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Video - Finnmarks 1000

14 april 2014
April, the 14th : on the Finnmarks1000; 2014; trail, the team is great, on the rein

Training in Sweden for the Finnmarks 1000

15 january 2014
(January, the 15th, 2014)

Faster than the train ?

6 december 2013
Hey dogs, follow this train .... be fast and furious ... last training in France, we'll be on our way to Sweden on Sunday .. (2013, December the 6th)