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Dogs are now in Drosbacken (Sweden) for winter season


Expected puppies


 I'Dodge Viper has been bred by H'DIego

H'Gabrielle Solis has been bred by H'Melman

Puppies are expected november 12/13 2017

season 2016-2017

March 2017

The Fur Rendez Vous team wins the VIldmarkracet ( 8 dogs class)in Nörnas (Sweden), a 120 km race, in 6 hours 19 minutes, quite fast ;-) 

The World Championship longdistance took place in Särna (Sweden) 300 kms, and we finished the race and won the bronz medal.

this race was quite rough, but we're happy to be on the "box".

Thanks to all the dogs who were in Sweden this year.


March 2016

The team is EUROPEAN CHAMPION WSA  2016.

The race Polardistans300 was elected to race the race for these championship. The dogs run the 300 kilometers in 24 hours 04 minutes 24 seconds, and 4+6 resting hours mandatory.

We started on March 9th at 10.26 AM and crossed the finish lineon March 10th  at 8.30 PM.

What a race, with the 8 wonderful dogs ! 

Catherine Fontaine won the BEST DOG CARE AWARD for this race,

What an award !

Femundlopet 2016


We started the Femundrace 400, eight dogs were inthe team : the leaders Viper and Cobra, but also Surge and Gaby, the teamdogs Maurice and Caouète (historic leader of the team, now he is9.) and the strongest wheeldogs I never had : Diego and Melman.

The team finished 28 rank over 82,  for the scratch, and First nordic  breed.

Pround of the dogs .