Du Fur Rendez-Vous

Du Fur Rendez Vous kennel is managed by Catherine Fontaine. The kennel is located in Cheillé, in the west of France. Its goal is long distance races, the members of the team are pure breed siberian huskies, their specificity is their will to go and the way they can go on when others used to give up. You can follow the news, click here, and stay tune for the next litter here.

The best feature of the kennel is passion, that of a breed : siberian huskies and that of the encounter of Catherine and Thierry.

Catherine Fontaine , used to practice different sports like swimming, windsurfing, before to be involved in dogsledding. She won the french sprint championship in 8 dogs class, before to start thegreat adventure of long-distance races.
She is now finisher of the main long distance races as Femund 400, Femund 600, Amundsen race, Gausdal Marathon, Polardistans 300 and 160, La Grande Odyssée and in 2010 she finished the World Longdistance Championship on the Femund race 400 kilometers, with the bronz medal.
In 2014, she entered for the first time the Finnmarkslöpet 1000, she must scrached in Sirmba after 750 kilometers, the race was the worst since 20 years as said Roger Dahl “Mr Finnmarks” !! Only 19 team were finishers.
Catherine used to spend 3 months a year in Sweden ( Drevdagen). She shares her life between training the dogs, raising them, taking care of them and managing her company located in Cheillé (Indre et Loire).

Thierry Fontaine, nickname “Le Doc”, was involved in dogsledding in 1989. He always practised sports (cycling and mountain hiking) he became very quickly a great name of sprint races. He won 8 times the french sprint championship in a row. Bronz Medal in Austria, he beat the inbeatable Doktor Oyen, hence his nickname “Doc”. He passed away in october 2012. After 18 months of his fight against a lung cancer. He fought bravely and even with his great sens of humour which was his.
Whatever where he is now, he is still watching over the kennel.

Merci Laurent ;)

The kennel (

The dogs are in quite big yard (6000 sq meters) . They are free to run few hours a day. They also can swimming or paddle in the pond.

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Elevage du Fur Rendez Vous
Catherine Fontaine-Mathis  
24 Impasse des Vallées 
37190 Cheillé, France
Tél. : +33(0)6 70 79 75 06 

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