C'Susan Butcher Du Fur RDV dite Suzy (L)

DOB 10/25/2007

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Suzy is one of these dogs who is mandatory in a team, she knows every details abaout long distance races, she can lead (very well) and she can also be a wheel dog, she is very strong. She is also a very mum,Lynette and Gaby (Crazy Speed Kennel) and Viper and Cobra (AL du Fur RDV)

She is the "the dog" she is the "It dog !"



  • Polardistans300 2016, european champion WSA, gold medal.
  • Finnmarks 500, WCH 2nd rank vildmarkracet 2015, 120 kms,  
  • team Finnmarkslöpet 2014 team scrached in Sirmba (dead line)
  • Vildmarkracet 2014 1st rank
  • Finnmarks 500 championnats du monde, silver medal

Vildmarksracet 2015, 1st rank

 Finnmarkslöpet 1000 2014 scratched in Sirmba

Vildmarkracet 2014

Femundlöpet 2013

Vildmarkracet 2013

Polardistans 300 2011

team bronz medal world championship Femund 400 NB 2011

Amundsen race 2010

Polardistans 160 2010

Polardistans 300 2009


Pedigree :
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