F'Minnie du Fur RDV (L)

DOB 06/22/2010

  • minnie_allure_.jpg

Minnie is a quite good leader, her both parents (Georges and Ultra) and her grand father is  (Stone, my very best leader ever), were my best leaders. She likes to lead with speed and entertainment... She is a strong female, very friendly to everybody.
She is a very good eater. .

Finisher :

  • Team Finnmarks 500 WCH Silver medal
  • Team Vildmarksracet 2015 1st rank
  • team Finnmarkslöpet 2014 team scrached in Sirmba (dead line)
  • Vildmarkracet 2014
  • Vildmarkracet 2013
  • Femund 400 2013
  • Femund 600 2012 team scrached in Grimsbu
  • Nörnas 2012


Pedigree :
all the dogs